ANNAI-Grave Tatar Information Vkontakte

National Tatar Dating site for Serious relationships

The anay project aims to Bring together two people who Deconstruct the worldview, views, interests And traditions of his peopleUsing our service, Tatars get Acquainted with a couple: learn, Communicate, meet and form their Own family. The main goal of the Project is to unite Tatars In any part of the Country, create a single family, And preserve national traditions. We want cultural values, traditions And heritage the Tatar people, Like other peoples, were not Lost or abandoned, but passed Through generations after generations.

Everything is in our hands, Now it is much easier For Crimean Tatars to find A partner in their hometown, Proximity where there is no Immediately suitable options, everyone loves The project.

Overcome your fears and give Yourself a chance

long life span maintaining interest In each other, since the Coexistence and existence of differences Are a mutual exchange of Information, personal development. Sometimes we need the support Of a loved one who Thinks that way, and sometimes We need criticism of our Relationship with another person. Like-minded people, interests, and Passions increase the likelihood between Compatibility and compatibility Dec. Join the nation rebirth project It thinks everyone expresses their Desire to create.

a family to say that Someone is looking for and Wants something in life, Oh, No shame, no humiliation, to Be too late to get Rid of complexes and stereotypes.

National revival project, even a Beautiful and successful one Tatars Use the Internet project, do Not be afraid to condemn The naming trends of our time. Being well-known that Tatars Will traditionally marry only by Themselves, so much friendship only The family and the national Struggle project.

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