An Italian family near Venice, Italy, looking for a local girl or boy in English to help us with our boys


I am Simone and my husband is Gaetano, we are both young and funny (I think) and I have two beautiful boys, Michele and Nicola and old onesWe don't accept the coup. I work in a supermarket as an assistant in a store and also in a bar, my husband is in aviation.

You have to pick them up from school, etc

We have a cat (Diego), and a big black cat saves a puppy called Sebastian. We had a lot of positive impressions from working clothes, which have become like a family and regularly come to visit us. We consider ourselves a loving, active and crazy family, and our two boys will definitely keep up with us, I promise you will never be bored. Considering that you should take them seriously and treat them like any other job, but also consider them as a life experience where you can meet new people, perhaps learn a new language and discover a new way of life. We need someone fun, loving and caring who makes you dance and sing (bad) with me, and who makes the children happy. We don't just want someone to work for us, we want someone to be a part of our family, a sister or older brother for the children. We are looking for a girl or boy whose native language is English, as we hope that our two children will become fully bilingual. Both boys speak incredibly good English, but now we are working to maintain and improve their skills. We want to teach them English by playing games and puzzles, going to the Park, etc. My husband and I speak good English, so you don't have to learn Italian if you don't want to. You will always have two days off a week (Saturday-Sunday). While you are here, we ask you to help us with homework, nothing serious, just things like hovering, emptying the dishwasher, sweeping and other normal household chores. We don't have any rules about when you come home in the evening, or whether you stay and come back the next day, but we would appreciate it if you told us when you leave. We would like you to have dinner with us and spend time with us in a way that we would like you to feel like part of the family, but of course this is not mandatory. We live in a three story house with bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom. You have your own bedroom with a Desk, TV, bookcase, wardrobe and sideboard. On the middle floor there is a living room that leads to the kitchen and another bathroom. On the first floor we have another living room, bathroom and kitchen.

The bathroom on the ground floor also has a shower, which you can use if you wish.

The area where we live is called Piz, not far from Treviso. A short train ride from Venice. In Pisa there are many bars and cafeterias, we have a post office and supermarkets within walking distance. You can use a Bicycle and go for a ride in or near the center of the city of Pisa.

There is an Italian language course in Treviso in the morning, which you can attend twice a week (in winter), and we will be happy to pay for your participation.

The previous AU pair had problems communicating with the teacher because he didn't speak English, but they are all different and worth a try, if you're interested.

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