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Post-crisis us call for Turkey to resume Turkey, Russia And Iran Axis in OctoberTurkey has called for a Renewed axis of Turkey, Russia And Iran following the us-Led Syria crisis. Operation Olive branch of the Turkish armed forces and Pro-Turkey Armed groups of the Syrian opposition Free Syrian army In the North of the Syrian Arab Republic. Official announcement about the beginning Of the operation is still ongoing.Operation Olive branch after the Tour" finalized. Military operation of the Turkish Armed forces in Northern Syria And Pro-Turkish armed forces Opposition groups Free Syrian army, etc. Official statement the operation was Conducted by the government against Turkey on January.

The goal of the operation Is to change the Kurdish Militia, the militia from the Western part of Syrian Kurdistan And Create a buffer zone On the border of Turkey And Syria.

The Turkish authorities claim that The operation is conducted within The framework of international law, With respect for the territorial Integrity of Syria. The Syrian authorities describe the Actions Of the Turkish army As aggression and violation of Syrian sovereignty.

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